Eleanor Holmes Norton would vote for a "Slight Bombing" of Syria out of "Loyalty" to Obama

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Washington, DC Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton speaking by phone to Bill Press on his radio program that, said that if she could, she would vote to do a "slight bombing" of Syria in order to show loyalty to Barack Obama, and to prevent him from being "shamed and humiliated on the national stage".

Her statements are so wrong, on so many levels, that it takes your breath away.

Starting with her comment of the US conducting a "slight bombing" to "somehow punish or deter somebody".  This is the comment of an unintelligent, unthinking person. Ask the people who are being attacked how "slight" the bombs being dropped around them feel, or if the family of the person killed by the slight bombing are comforted by the fact that the bombing was only "slight", or "unbelievably small".

Another thing Congresswoman Holmes Norton: Does the United States go to war or attack other countries to show loyalty to a President, this one or any other one, or to save him from being humiliated or shamed? The answer to that would be "NO".

Another sad thing is that Bill Press doesn't even try to challenge her on any of this.  It's pathetic!

If a person wants to understand what is going wrong with this country, this is it in a nut shell!  We have people in Congress who have either zero knowledge of the Constitution, or worse, don't even care about it, combined with a national press that is so invested and complicit in seeing to it that our first black president is successful, that they cover for him regardless of what it is he does.  Apparently this includes taking us to war, if it saves face for the President.

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