The Left's Hypocrisy in Tuscon

Posted by Brian
Media Exposes Its Agenda in Times of Crisis

The details of Jared Loughner, his mental instability,and his political views (or lack thereof) are finally beginning to see the light of day. This young man is being described by those who actually knew him as a pot-smoking hippie, liberal, who disliked news and political radio. He didn't take sides, and may have been a 9/11 truther. Yet the media, before any of this was known, had already come up with their template for this story and went on the attack against talk radio, Palin Beck, the Tea Party, conservatives and a heightened sense of "violent political rhetoric". Now friends and acquaintances of his are speaking out and the whole narrative has been completely debunked. He's just one sick S.O.B. Yet, I can't help but contrast this with one James Jay Lee of San Diego, who on September 1, 2010 walked into Discovery Channel Headquarters and took three people hostage because he was angry with the network for not airing enough programming dedicated to "save the planet", and needed to show programs about human sterilization and stop promoting the birth of 'parasitic' humans. The media, rightfully so, explained that the man was mentally disturbed and that there was no rational explanation for his behavior.  This despite the fact that he was a huge fan of Al Gore and the movie "An Inconvenient Truth" as well as the far-left environmental movement.  I don't recall the media falling all over themselves to blame Algore and his frightening imagery as the "trigger" that pushed this guy over the edge.  Nor should they have.  But the interesting thing is when, like in Lee's case, the nutcase comes out of their own ranks, or there is not an obvious bogeyman to point to, there calls for calmer heads to prevail, not to jump to conclusions, etc.  All the things a good journalist should do.  When there is, in their minds, an opportunity to politicize an event like Tuscon, or the BP Spill (Big Oil) or Katrina (Bush Suck, Hates Blacks, Is Incompetent,et. al.), it is like watching piranhas at feeding time.  As sick as the "coverage" of this shooting down in Tuscon has been, it has been very instructive of a media that got caught with their bias showing. 
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