Gun Hysteria Reaches Absurdity, or What the Hell Happened to My Country?

Posted by Brian

I don't think anyone would disagree that the slaughter of 20 children and 8 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary is nearly impossible for anyone to fathom.  It is a tragedy beyond normal comprehension, particularly when we know that three-fourths of the victims were children.  It is a time when we, as Americans, should be rallying around the families, friends, and loved ones of those whose worst nightmare came true shortly after 9AM on Friday morning.

For many of us this is exactly what we are doing.  It manifests itself in many different ways.  People look to send money to the families, send flowers, stuffed animals, or go to our church or synagogue to pray for the victims and their families.  Some of us just gather our families together and hug them.

But for far too many others, reaching out and reflection is the farthest thing from their minds.  It is a time to take advantage politically.  Strike while the iron is hot, or "never let a crisis go to waste", if you will. These wolves in sheep's clothing feign concern and compassion, all the while looking at how they can capitalize on the tragedy or crisis.  Make no mistake, there are people who are elated that 20 of the victims in this tragedy were children.  When the news broke that the shooting took place at an elementary school, there were high-five's deep in the halls of the anti-gun lobby.  This is an anti-gun zealot's wet dream.  They know that the best time to take advantage of people, both on a personal and on a societal level, is when they are at their most emotional or distraught.  Take advantage of them while they are acting on emotion, rather than when their brains are fully engaged and capable of thinking critically.  So it is with these succubus's.

It is this way with every tragedy or crisis.  Whether it be Columbine, Aurora, the BP oil spill, or the shooting in Newtown, every Chicken Little crawls out from under their rocks to politicize, and then call for more laws and regulations, or in the case of guns, to confiscate and ban them altogether.  Whether it's politicians, the media, or some brain-dead Hollywood publicity whore, we can be sure to be bombarded with every argument against guns that these leftists can pull out of their playbook.

We are already seeing it from the likes of Ed Schultz, who essentially claims that the Constitution is outdated, and that the Founding Fathers are just a bunch of old dead guys anyway.  Morgan Freeman is blaming the media for the shooting, while others are blaming Hollywood and violence in the movies.  The finger pointing has just begun.  One thing is sure, though.  Eventually, all fingers will be pointed at the gun, the gun manufacturers, and the NRA.  I have already seen calls from Marxist publications to sue the NRA out of existence by overwhelming them with frivolous lawsuits and legal fees.

And then there is Diane Feinstein, who is saying that she will introduce legislation to reinstate the 1994 assault weapons ban.  She is out there lying to the American people about these so-called assault weapons to further an agenda based on lies, half-truths, and ignoring basic gun crime statistics.  First she claims that assault weapons are military weapons.  This is a lie.  They are military-style weapons, meaning that they "look" similar to their military counterparts, but the actual "guts", or operating mechanisms are exactly like any other hunting rifle.  They are no more powerful than any hunting rifle. Second: Diane Feinstein fails to mention that the 1994 Assault Weapons ban had no measurable effect on crime.  None.  In fact, the Columbine shooting were committed while the assault weapons law was still in effect.  Mass shootings are down over the last 15 years, but of the ones that have been carried out, they have been committed in "gun-free zones".

The shooter at the Aurora, Colorado theatre, where 20 people were killed, had seven theatres within 20 minutes of his apartment, yet he chose the only one which did not allow patrons to carry concealed weapons. In fact, the theatre he chose was not even the closest to his apartment.  Do we know for sure that he chose the theatre based on this criteria?  No.  But if he had in fact gone to one of the other theatres, there is a good chance that he would have been confronted with return fire, and possibly less people would have died.  At the one he chose, he had no fear of that threat until police actually arrived. How do these liberals explain that three of the five worst mass shooting in the world have actually occurred in Germany, which has some of the toughest gun laws in the world.

Unfortunately, many are giving in to the hysteria, and the emotional nature of the crime, seeking quick fixes in some desperate attempt to make a difference, but which will in the end have the opposite effect, and render them more susceptible to those criminals, the mentally unstable, and ultimately to a government that gets more powerful everyday, using legislation to confiscate more and more of your liberty.

For the victims, the children, we should grieve and come together as a nation.  But we should not disengage our brains, or give in to the obvious pandering and political posturing from those who would trade their freedom for a false sense of security.

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