ESPN: IS RG III Authentically Black and "Down For The Struggle"?

Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III stated recently that he wants to judged on his talent, and not the color of his skin.
Fast-forward to a panel discussion on RG III, and ESPN's Rob Parker is now questioning the man's "brother" credentials, and whether he's "down for the cause". He's got a "white fiancee' and he may be Republican.  "Is he a Brother or a "cornball" Brother, asks Parker.
What a coward!  C'mon Rob!  Just say it!  He's an Uncle Tom!  An Oreo! Worse, you've heard him allude to being a Republican, which means he's a traitor to his race!  He's Steppin' Fetchit' on a gridiron!
Of course, Parker will get a pass on this because he's black. If a white commentator had floated something half as disgusting as this, he or she would be run out of town on a rail. To him and other liberals, black people should be monolithic in their thinking, voting, behavior, ad infinitum.

ESPN Rob Parker Says RG3 is a "Cornball Brother"

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