Kerry to Elevate Global Warming as Top Priority Over Islamism, National Security, Energy

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John "Effing" Kerry is claiming that "climate change" in our number one threat to national security, and will elevate that as his top priority if confirmed as Secretary of State.
That the Obama Administration is nominating Kerry, a staunch pro-climate change ally, further exposes the agenda of their motives.  Combined with government-run health care, the green agenda with its cap-and-trade mandates would virtually seize the last remaining freedoms from Americans.  These two policies alone would give government total control over every aspect of each person, from what you eat, to the type of car you drive, to where you can drive.
The only hope is that a GOP led House can slow Obama's march toward tyranny.  If John Boehner remains Speaker, the prognosis of that remains bleak.

by BREITBART NEWS  26 Dec 2012, 8:32 AM PDT

John Kerry, nominee for Secretary of State, is expected to push for global solutions to the "climate change" problem, if confirmed for the cabinet position.

Kerry, failed presidential candidate and current senior senator from Massachusetts, has a long interest in climate science. He proclaimed in 2004 that he "believes in science" although recent studies have debunked global warming.  The Senator has attended multiple U.N. climate change negotiations, as well as advising Obama in his discussions with China and India.
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