Soledad O'Brien: Pro-Gun Crime Statistics "Boggle My Mind"

Posted by Brian

The anti-gun hysteria over the Connecticut elementary school shootings is in full panic mode, and none is more irrational, or immune to facts and statistics than the ever-argumentative and condescending Soledad O'Brien.  Despite being presented with numerous examples of how gun-free zones have been, without exception, been the targets of all of the major multiple victim shooting sprees in the country since the 1950's, or that the worst school shooting have occurred in the country with one of the most restrictive gun laws in the world, Germany, O'Brien's response? It doesn't matter. 'Guns bad'.
She is a perfect example of the liberal mindset.  Facts don't matter.  Thinking is not a requirement.  Disengage the brain and react to all things emotionally.  It's the "good intentions" that matter.  That the same thing will continue to happen as a result of my feel-good liberal policies is not the point.  The point is that I feel good about myself, because I care.   And anyone who doesn't agree with me is a cold, heartless, irrational SOB.

by JOHN NOLTE  17 Dec 2012, 6:08 AM PDT

CNN's Soledad O'Brien invited author and frequent Breitbart News contributor, John Lott, to come on her show this morning. It's pretty obvious that his recent appearances on other CNN shows, where he advocated for fewer gun control laws, had made her angry and that she saw this as an opportunity to take a whack at him.
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