"Goober" Graham Preemptively Congratulates Obama - "Hats Off to Him"

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The feckless Lindsay Graham (R-SC) congratulated the President on the fiscal cliff deal before it has even passed.  This fool is illustrative of what is wrong with GOP "leadership.  These milquetoast generals haven't a clue as to how to put forth a coherent message of conservatism the American people, giving them a bold choice between liberty and tyranny.   With no message, they rush our the most incapable messengers to the Sunday morning talk shows with apologies, and plans of tyranny-light.

Graham did communicate exactly what is wrong with the GOP leadership when he stated: "Hats off to the President - he stood his ground".  When are the leaders of the GOP going to "stand their ground" Senator Graham?  When are you guys ever going to elevate Senators and Congressman who can actually speak coherently to the public, and don't accept defeat as just part of being in the minority? Spokesman who actually have the ability to expose Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Obama and the rest of these leftist goons and unpatriotic oligarchs for the tyrannical pieces of excrement that they are?  It is apparent that Graham and the current leadership are incapable, on any level, of accomplishing that.

There is a huge vote coming up on the most serious assault on the Second Amendment in our country's history.  Are Lindsay Graham, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, and John McCain going to come out and say that Democrats and the President "stood their ground", and "unfortunately we were the first to blink"?  'We're sorry we were unable to defend the Constitution as we took an oath to do.  The Dems are just too tough'.

They're losers and the country is going to to sink further into despotism as long as voters continue to send them back after each election.  GOP voters need to run strong conservative candidates against Lindsay Graham, and the rest of this feckless bunch as they come up for reelection, and DEFEAT them!  Believe me, they've earned it.

GOP Targets in 2014: 

Senate: Lindsay "Goober" Graham-SC, Mitch McConnell-KY, Saxby Chambliss-GA, Lamarr Alexander-TN

House: Every House member is up for reelection in  2014.  Good starts: John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy.

LINDSEY GRAHAM: OBAMA ‘WON’ FISCAL CLIFF DEAL, AND ‘HATS OFF’ TO HIM Posted on December 30, 2012 at 4:44pm by Erica Ritz

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) pre-emptively congratulated President Obama on his “victory” in the fiscal cliff debate Sunday, but said the success is “hollow” in terms of averting the various crises currently facing the nation.

He explained on Fox News Sunday:

“What have we accomplished?  Political victory for the president.  Hats off to the president– he stood his ground.  He’s going to get tax rate increases– maybe not at [$250,000], but on upper-income Americans. “And the sad news for the country is that we’ve accomplished very little in not becoming Greece, or getting out of debt. This deal won’t affect the debt situation.  And it will be a political victory for the president, and I hope we have courage of our convictions when it comes to raise the debt ceiling to fight what we believe as Republicans. But hats off to the president; he won.”
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