Islamist Bombs AZ Social Security Office with IED. Media Silent

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H/T Breitbart and PJ Media

Iraqi Muslim Bomber Abdullatif Aldosary
Oh, you haven't heard of the bombing by an Iraqi refugee in Casa Grande, Arizona?  A man who is not unknown to law enforcement and Homeland security.  A man who, though arrested for disorderly conduct, assault, disorderly conduct, and serving eight months in jail, has not to this point been processed for deportation.  A man whom the major new news organizations have refused to identify, though they have known his name and nationality since Friday.
This is the problem with a media who, whether through rampant political correctness or ideologically skewed reporting, refuses to report the news.  Instead, they ignore that which they disagree with, giving sanitized reports which fit their political agenda.
Don't worry though!  Some brainiac over at The Daily Koz had it figured out from the get-go.  The "reporter", going by the apropos name of "Empty Vessel", jumped all over the bombing, "reporting" that the bomber was probably some "right-wing zealot" (read: Tea Party nut job) from one of those Middle East bastions of conservatism like Iraq!
True to form though, the FBI is treating this as a simple case of arson with explosives because, and I quote, "the political sensitivities involved".
Complete and utter madness!

UPDATED: Iraqi refugee arrested for bombing Arizona Social Security office with IED, media silence ensues Media silence ensues.
by PATRICK POOLE Bio December 2, 2012 - 4:12 pm      

Editor’s Note: Updates to this story follow the article.

The typically quiet town of Casa Grande, Arizona, was rocked by an explosion at the local Social Security Administration office early Friday morning of what appears to an improvised explosive device (IED). No one was hurt in the explosion, which occurred shortly before the office was scheduled to open. The explosion was reportedly heard and felt all over the area.  

While the little town of Casa Grande and the nearby Phoenix area are talking about the incident, virtually no one else is. In fact, the only reason I was following the story is because I’m presently in the area and saw the initial reports on the explosion and continued to look into it.
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