SEIU Lies To Its Members To Foment Hate Toward Fast-Food Chain Wendy's

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SEIU recruits useful idiots to strike for entry-level $15 burger flipper jobs.
Since the reelection of "The One" to a second term, unions have been emboldened in their quest to increase their membership.  None has been more out in front of this than SEIU.  Also, none has been more blatantly dishonest.
Keen to capitalize on Obama's class warfare message, SEIU has sent out an e-mail (below), supposedly written by a worker at Wendy's, that its CEO clears $16.5 BILLION, while he struggles to live on $16 thousand.

The disparity between the CEO is massive.  One problem.  It's an outright lie.  The CEO has an annual salary of $338K, and with compensation, earns a little over $4.5 million. A lot of money, yes.  But well over 300 times less than the SEIU letter informs its members.  But this doesn't matter to SEIU.  What matters is that many of the lemmings who comprise their membership will believe it.  It also matters to SEIU that their members believe that if the CEO made less, it will improve their economic well-being.
This is the thinking of the leftist mind.  That a person who flips burgers for a living believes that he or she should be payed a salary which will support an entire family is the mentality.  What was once considered an entry level job is now, in the minds of these leftists, supposed to be a career.
What you won't hear from the SEIU leadership though are the six-figure salaries they make, all paid for with dues from their members.  Here are just a few union president's and their salaries:

National Education Association President, Dennis Van Roekel - $397,721
SEIU - former president, Andy Stern - $306,388 (No info on current SEIU President Mary Kay Henry
Teamsters  president, James P. Hoffa - $362,869
AFSCME President Gerald McEntee - $479,328 
Laborers International Union President Terence O’Sullivan - $618,000

Not exactly chump change.  But you can bet your ass that they aren't advertising that each of them, and scores of others in union leadership positions, are drawing six-figure CEO-type salaries. No, they gladly accept their six-figure salary, meals at 4-star restaurants, and the occasional audience with the President, provided by the labor and sweat from the backs of the workers. In exchange, they have the job of keeping their members in constant turmoil over the "unfairness" of the system, while fostering a mindset of victimhood within the membership. 

If lying is required to do this, so be it.  Like all good communist revolutionaries, the rule is:

"By any means necessary"

All these unions will do is turn the 99 cent menu into the $99 menu 
The Lies The SEIU Tells Its Members
- Warner Todd Huston

This week the SEIU sent out an email to its members hoping to drum up some hate against the fast food chain Wendy’s. The email not only had one outright lie, it was also a sad example of how stupid unions think their members really are.
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