RFK Jr.: "Right-Wing Controls Media", Has Divided Country Worst Since Civil War

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RFK, Jr. - Another unhinged eco-leftist
How far to the left do you have to be to believe that the "right-wing" is controlling the media?  According to RFK, Jr., Fox News must comprise most of the media, as it's the only example he gives.  While I would concede that Fox's evening commentator schedule leans right, with Hannity being arguably the most conservative show, their news programming isn't exactly hard right.  Greta Van Susteren plays it pretty straight, and to a leftist would seem to lean right, while Bill O'Reilly, leans right, but is definietly not a hard-core conservative.  More of a RINO. As a news anchor I would never accuse Shep Smith of being a John Birch Society member.  Shep is left leaning, and gives us a glimpse ofthis every so often, such as during Hurricane Katrina.
Contrast Fox with some of the other News organizations. ABC, CBS, and CNN are not what would be considered "conservative".  To be extremely generous, they all lean left-of-center, and do at least try to maintain an appearance of  objectivity, although
MSNBC and NBC are totally off the grid.  MSNBC might as well use a Hammer and Sickle as its logo.  The freak show that they have for their primetime line-up, (Martin Bashear, Rachel "Madcow" Maddow, Ed "Seargent" Schultz, and Lawrence O'Donnell) is one that would make Nikita Krueschev proud.  Even Brian Williams on NBC does little to hide his disdain for conservatives and the Republican Party.
That Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. thinks that conservatives "run the media" says more about how far-left he and the rest of the liberals in this country are than just about anything else.

RFK Jr. Slams 'Right-Wing Control of American Media' 
By Elizabeth Harrington December 10, 2012

(CNSNews.com) – Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a lawyer and environmental activist, told the Huffington Post that the "right-wing" controls the media in the United States and as a result has “divided our country” in a way not seen since the Civil War.
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