CAIR: Referring to Jihadist's as "Savages" is Unacceptable

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Why would anyone call him savage?  Looks perfectly reasonable!
Un-indicted co-conspirator, and Hamas supporting CAIR complained that calling Islamist jihadists "savages" is divisive.  As divisive, I suppose, as separating the head from the rest of the torso with a dull sword, as savage Islamist jihadists are wont to do in their quest to spread Islam to the four corners.

I say: If the suicide vest fits...!

CAIR: ‘Not Acceptable’ to Portray Jihadists As ‘Savage’ 
By Elizabeth Harrington October 15, 2012

(CNSNews.com) - The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is launching an ad campaign to counter billboards posted in the D.C. metro system that urge the defeat of jihad and support for Israel.

CAIR claims the anti-jihad advertisements, sponsored by political activist Pamela Geller, inspire “hate.” They are designed to “provoke, stigmatize and demonize” Muslims, CAIR told CNSNews.com.
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