Ed Schultz Sees Dead People, "We are the Founding Fathers of this Country Now"

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The only thing lower than Ed Schultz' ratings are his views of the Founders and the Constitution. The porcine pundit who once referred to Laura Ingraham as a "right-wing talk slut", and claimed that "Republicans want to see you dead", sees our nation's Founders as just a bunch of "dead guys" claiming "we are the founding fathers of the country now".
Does this mental defect know that to be a "founder" you have to be at the founding of something?  It's dubious that this vat of fat with the I.Q. of a wharf rat could make that kind of connection, though. So, probably not.

Founding Fathers Just 'Some Dead People' Spews Ed Schultz in Anti-Second Amendment Rant

Remember how liberals feigned reverence for the Constitution during its alleged wholesale destruction while George W. Bush was president? With a Democrat ensconsed in the White House, they are reverting to old habits when it comes to the blueprint for our republic.

On his radio show Friday, Schultz argued with a caller who said he usually agrees with Schultz, citing "socialized medicine" and higher taxes as examples of common ground they share. But the Second Amendment must be protected, the caller said, lest changes to it erode other freedoms enumerated in the Bill of Rights (Audio).
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