Government wants "National ID Card"

Posted by Tom

When the Social Security system was started back in 1935, few envisioned that their new "Social Security Number" would  eventually be needed to have a phone, cable/satellite TV service, electric service, natural gas, life insurance, obtain a credit card, health care, purchase firearms, file taxes, obtain a job or to have a drivers license.  The Social Security Number has provided a key for nearly anyone to invade your privacy, destroy your credit and to unlock any private aspect of your life.  This is one of the reasons why identity theft is so widespread and rampant in this Country!

The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal report that President Obama and at least 8 Senators are now calling for a National ID Card, with a computer chip and other biometric features, that would be issued to EVERYONE.  This is being sold under the guise of controlling immigration by enabling potential employers to establish immigration status.  We're providing education and healthcare for illegal immigration and now we're going to deny them employment, while at the same time refusing to deport them?  Yet another insult and burden to the American Citizens and Taxpayers!  At a time when significant parts of our border are unmanned or otherwise not controlled, as Obama threatens to pull even more Border Patrol and ICE Agents from our borders, Americans are now being asked to surrender another element of their Liberty.

Citizens need to realize that micro chipped cards would permit RFID sensors to be located along any roadway, bridge, sidewalk,  office, doorway, etc., to track the movement of EVERY CITIZEN in real time and through stored, collected data.  Is this really the kind of Country we want to live in?  What's next, we will all be assigned personal drones?  Americans need to LEARN FROM HISTORY and be INCREDIBLY CONCERNED!  Look what happened with a simple Social Security Card that was printed on paper...

What do you think will happen with a computer chipped National ID Card?  To think that this will not be used to COLLECT, CONTROL and INVADE every aspect of your privacy would be a complete denial of history!  Government control and overreach is OUT OF CONTROL.  The sheep need to wake-up before the Shepherds lead them to the slaughter...

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