What Difference Does it Make? "Benghazi" Hillary to Run in 2016, says Donor

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A wealth Greek donor says that Bill "BJ" Clinton told him that Hillary Clinton is definitely running for President in 2016.
Well, Hillary of the loose fitting pantsuit, I will make it my mission to remind people regularly that your "3 AM phone call" came, and you were AWOL while 4 Americans died in Benghazi.  You and the man-child Barack Obama failed miserably.  Nobody seems to know where you were during the eight hours and two attacks in which fellow Americans were fighting for their lives and dying.  We do know that Obama was making a non-urgent one-hour phone call to the Prime Minister of Israel during the eight hours in question.  I presume that for the other seven hours he was packing his suitcase, and resting up for his fundraiser in Las Vegas the following day.
You remember the 3 AM phone call don't you? The one where you asked the American people who they trusted more, you or Barack Obama, when crisis erupted in the middle of the night and American lives were at risk?  The one that did come, and both you AND Barack Obama were AWOL for over eight hours while Ambassador Chris Stevens was being dragged through the streets of Benghazi, and three other Americans were killed, including two Navy SEAL's.

What has been your response to their deaths? Sadness? Genuine sympathy for their families?  No.  It was a defiant and angry "What difference does it make"!

Hmmm...What difference does it make.  WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?!  About WHAT!? Four dead Americans? Or that you, and the Administration, lied to the American people, right out of the box, that this was a protest about a YouTube video that got violent? That Ambassador Stevens and others had asked on more than one occasion for beefed up security, and were ignored? Maybe it was that you told the father of the Navy SEAL (link) that we'd get the jihadists, and that we are going to "punish the filmmaker". Congratulations Hillary! You kept your promise about punishing the man who made the amateurish Mohammed movie which played the Administration's fictitious role in the attack.
You, as your boss Obama, and your husband Bill, have the ability of every other psychopath out there - to look the American people squarely in the eye, and lie without any effort.  This alone should disqualify you.
I guess we'll see if anyone in the GOP has the cajones to tear into her as a Presidential candidate, or if they treat her as a female Presidential candidate.
Remember folks, she puts her pants on one leg at time, just like every other guy.

Hillary WILL run in 2016, claims wealthy Greek donor (who says Bill told him) 
By LESLIE LARSON PUBLISHED: 16:24 EST, 13 February 2013 | UPDATED: 07:57 EST, 14 February 2013

A wealthy Democratic donor is fanning the flames of speculation that Hillary Clinton is indeed running for president.
Sacramento developer Angelo Tsakopoulos was reported to have said Bill Clinton has confirmed that the former Secretary of State will make a bid for the White House again.
The millionaire is said to have told the Greek Reporter that Clinton's husband revealed his wife's political ambition, as the power couple gear up for a 2016 race.
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