Fraud Alert! Food Stamp Recipients With $7K Balances, Mercedes

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Government spending is out of control. Lavish parties and trips for G.S.A(link), and other federal employees. Medicare fraud, not just by patients, but by providers, costing taxpayers hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars (link).
How about a program meant to aid the truly needy, namely food stamps, in which the "needy" are driving Mercedes, and racking up over $7 thousand balances, all at the taxpayers expense.
The next time the President, or some other government hack, talks about the need to raise your taxes as a sign of "compassion" for our "most vulnerable" - women, minorities, and of course, the children - tell them that the fraud and abuse in the leviathan's of the federal and state governments need to be fixed before begging the taxpayers for more of their hard earned money.  If the government were truly concerned about finding ways to balance the out-of-control budget, instead of a so-called "apocalyptic" sequester scheme, there would be a top to bottom audit of all government agencies and programs for fraud, efficiency, and most importantly, if there is an actual constitutional power for the establishment of the agency(ies) and/or program(s). If not, begin to eliminate these unconstitutional Departments and agencies, as well as eliminate redundancy within the ones which are legally enumerated.
Don't hold your breath waiting for it to happen, though.

Feb. 25, 2013 10:16am Becket Adams

“Should there be a limit on how much tax payers dollars can be given to someone on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program?” Texas’ KGBT 4TV asks in an investigative report on possible food stamp abuse in the Rio Grande Valley.
“One valley man was outraged after finding out how much money some people on government assistance are getting,” reads the report. “Action 4 News uncovers just how many people are on SNAP in the Valley and how much money they are getting.”
The report was helped along by a gas station clerk who had grown tired of seeing customers make enormous purchases with their Lone Star cards. In some cases, he says, people would show up and have a balance of at least $7,000 on their cards.
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