Americans' and GOP Being Played by Obama on Sequestration

The American Public is being Duped! The Sequester is the Least of Our Problems!
Everyone is all in a tizzy over the upcoming sequestration.  Massive cuts to the military, border control, the FBI, federal prosecutors, transportation, education (every good liberal plan always has to be about how it hurts the children), and a host of other things are being thrown around.  Make no mistake, Obama will allow the cuts to unfold, and then promptly blame the Republicans for all of it.  The whole thing is political gamesmanship meant to destroy the GOP, and Obama is light years ahead of GOP leaders Boehner, Cantor, and the rest of this feckless bunch.

Keep in mind also, that we are talking about $85 Billion in so-called "cuts". This represents about 2% of the overall federal budget.  It wasn't that long ago that the Federal Government was able to "find" $60 Billion overnight for Hurricane Sandy Relief, which was loaded with pork-barrel spending having nothing to do with "relief" (Link).  You know? The one "Krispy Kreme" Christie squealed (Link) about like a stuck pig? But yet, they can't find $85B worth of waste in the tangled bureaucracy of D.C. to avoid these automatic cuts?

Of course, the cuts won't come from non-essential services, or those mandated by the Constitution to be the primary purpose of the Federal government.  No, instead our elected officials will continue to fund things like paying senior citizens $1.2 million to play video games, so we can study their effect on them.(link) Then there is the essential service of spending $2.2 Billion a year to provide free cell phones to people, because we all know that having a cell phone has now been reclassified as a basic human right. How about $4 million to build the IRS its own TV studio?  Who could oppose that essential spending? Of course, we all know that it is essential that the government provide all-expense paid trips to federal employees for conferences in Las Vegas and Hawaii at a cool million dollars a pop.

I can think of aanother quick way to save money right off of the top.  How about Barack Obama cuts the number of vacations, golf trips, and other non-essential trips he takes by half.  This would save $700 MILLION per year of the estimated $1.4 BILLION (link) he and his family currently cost.  (In contrast, England's Royal Family cost the British $60 million a year.) He might even be able to save more if he can convince Michelle to actually ride on the same plane as him, instead of taking earlier flights when he is held up by actually performing Presidential duties.  I know its a huge sacrifice for her to make, but in the interest of actually appearing that she gives a crap about the rest of the serfs around the country, this might be a nice gesture.

Of course, none of this is going to happen.  The whole sequester song-and-dance act is not about coming up with budget solutions, else Harry Reid would have brought a budget to the Senate floor at least once during the last 4 years, as he is required by law to do. But, why worry about the law when the whole purpose is to create a fiscal crisis and blame it on the Republicans?

Also keep in mind that the sequester is the idea of the Obama White House, which he now blames on the GOP.  (Link) Let's be clear.  Obama is lying!  The Washington Post, which is liberal, gives Obama "Four Pinocchio's" out of four on his claim.

Back in July of 2011, White House national economic Director Jack Sperling said that the White House proposed the idea of the sequester. It was then brought to Senate Majority Leader Reid, who it was said looked like he wanted to "throw up" when he was first  told.  They then explained to him that it would work because they "would design it so that half the threatened cuts would be from the Defense Department….The idea was to make all of the threatened cuts so unthinkable and onerous that the supercommittee (tasked with making additional cuts) would do its work and come up with its own deficit reduction plan".

 Remember back in 2011when President Obama supported the sequester cuts?  Now, on February 19, 2013, he gives a speech on how devastating they will be.

The sequestration is a political calculation, not an economic solution, perpetrated by, and being carried out by, the White House, for two years. It is a plan to corner Republicans, not to cut spending, but to allow Obama and the Democrats to continue spending at unsustainable rates (GAO analysis, not mine) for the foreseeable future.  The Republican leadership, under Boehner, who moronically signed onto the plan only weeks after the original proposal, is too stupid to explain it to the American people. Furthermore, the mainstream media is complicit in furthering the propaganda from Obama and the Democrats in convincing the American people that this is a Republican plan, and that it is their fault.  Worse, most Americans are completely unaware of the coming economic collapse being purposefully driven by this Administration, statist Democrats, and big government Republican leadership, because of the media's total dereliction in providing people actual facts, choosing instead to provide White House talking points  in print ond on the "news" programming.

Sadly, if there is not one person, Republican or Democrat, who is willing to stand up to Obama and the White House and put a halt to his agenda and his spending, the sequestration will be nothing compared to the economic disaster that is looming in the near future.

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