Canadians Warn Americans about Gun Registration and Confiscation!

Posted by Tom

A Canadian News Anchor explains why America needs to be very concerned with so called, "common sense" gun control measures.  Look at what happened in Canada.  They started with Gun Registration and it culminated in mass confiscation!

Many gun control advocates call for "universal" background checks, which really means "gun registration," as all transactions would then be recorded by the Federal Government.

Watch through the end of the video, where a man's house is even taken from him.  If you think it can't or won't happen here, you better think again!  Anyone who thinks this can't or won't happen in America simply doesn't understand history!  Americans would be wise to learn from our Canadian cousins. 

The criminal actions of some should never determine the constitutionally protected rights of others

 Is the real agenda "assault rifles" and magazines or something more?

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