Coulter's "Conservative" Christie says He Agrees with Lib Andrew Cuomo on 98% of Issues

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So, have Ann Coulter and numerous others been hornswoggled by the supposedly conservative Chris Christie? My question: Will this finally wake Coulter up, or has "Christie the Pizza Hut" swayed her over to the dark side for good?
The New Jersey Governor, famous for his contentious encounters with the teachers union in his state on YouTube, has garnered the attention of many for his brash, no-nonsense way he has stood up to them in the videos. As a result, many, including the aforementioned Coulter, have carried on like school girls over Christie, in much the same cult of personality, mindless way that liberals react to Obama.  The Christie in the video is who they are in love with.  "See how he stands up to the union!", they say. The fact that he leans, or is liberal on any number of core conservative values and issues, from climate change to gun control,  illegal immigration, Islamists, and government-run health care matters not.
Saying that he agrees with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on 98% (link) of the issues only cements what many of us have been saying for several years.
Christie is a well-entrenched liberal Republican, and just another of the GOP establishment who need to be exposed and defeated.

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