Prostitute: NJ Sen. Menedez likes the "Youngest and Newest" Girls

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H/T to The Daily Caller, The Miami Herald, NBC News, and The Drudge Report

The troubles for NJ Senator Bob Menendez continue to snowball, as a Dominican prostitute alleges that the Senator frequented "sex parties" with prostitutes, many of them underage.  "That Senator also likes the newest and youngest girls", the woman said, intimating the Senator likes little girls.  In other words: A pedophile.

The FBI has released an email (shown below) from the person making the allegations against the Senator, in which she provides the names and numbers of four other prostitutes who also attended the alleged sex parties.

This latest problem for the Senator Menendez follows allegations in December that he knowingly employed an intern who is an illegal immigrant AND a registered sex offender.  In that case, a U.S. official claims that Obama's Department of Homeland Security ordered agents not to arrest the illegal immigrant until after the election so as not to damage the Senators election campaign.  Though ICE agents protested that the delay was unethical, they were repeatedly ordered to stand down until after the election.

The sex parties that Menedez are alleged to have attended were arranged by a business friend of Menedez, Doctor Salomon Melgen of Palm Beach County, Florida.  Dr. Melgen is a longtime campaign donor to the Senator.  Menendez is also alleged to have accepted free gifts fromMelgen in the form of free trip to the Dominican Republic on Dr. Melgen's private jet. In addition, Menendez is accused of using his office to help Dr. Melgen in a business deal estimated to be worth up to $1B over the next ten years.

Though it appears that the Obama Administration attempted to use their influence to protect Menendez' Senate seat during the election, these new allegations of shady business dealings, and sordid sexual romps with underage hookers, combined with his hiring of a known illegal immigrant who is a sex offender may rightfully spell the end of Menendez' political career, and could land the Senator in jail with his own sex offender label.
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