Latest Calif. Gun Grab: Price Out Of Reach with Insurance Mandates

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The leftists in California are at it again.  Seeing their prospects of Dianne Feinstein's gun ban legislation dim, the land of fruits and nuts is trying an end run on the 2nd Amendment.  Make private ownership of weapons too expensive.  While others, in their homage to despots and dictators, look to make ammunition prohibitively expensive,  or to outlaw lead AND steel core bullets, another leftist nut job is approaching suspension of the Second Amendment from an entirely different angle.

Philip Ting 
Assemblyman Phillip Ting, Democrat from San Francisco (where else would he be from?), has introduced Assembly Bill 223 (AB223), which would force gun owners to purchase liability insurance for their right to own a weapon.  "But, but, car owners have to by liability insurance!", the typical liberal lemming will say.  Yes, but you don't have a God-given RIGHT to drive a car. Every American has a Constitutional right to own a weapon. Not just the rich or well-connected (i.e. the ruling class).

For those thinking that Ting is just a concerned politician and father, aside from his leftist ideology, he may be motivated by something a little more lucrative.  Ting has had a rather cozy relationship with the insurance industry, receiving over $20,000 from Big Insurance in his last run for office. I'm sure that insurance companies will be more than happy to help fund this legislation, as well as reward those who legislators who would spearhead and legislative windfall to the industry.

Keep an eye on this one!

Insurance Move Aimed at Pricing Guns Out of Existence

California, as usual, is leading the Left in wackiness as liberals see their chances for eliminating guns fading after the Newtown slaughter. When the latest nut job massacred a score of youngsters, the Left saw an opportunity to reach their long-held goal of eliminating guns, using a road paved with the bodies of children to achieve their dictatorial goals.
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  1. I have enough of these idiots. Keep poking the bear long enough and eventually you're going to get bit.