Home Energy Prices To Increase By 100%?

Driving US Families into Fuel Poverty
Monday, 03 January 2011 07:32 Niger Innis, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez and Amy Frederick

Will America learn in time from the price being paid by British companies and families?

The Obama Administration still hasn't gotten the message voters sent Washington on November 2.

The lame duck session and 111th Congress finally ended, without the White House getting key items on its wish list. So now, the Environmental Protection Agency and Interior Department intend to impose costly, job-killing, economy-strangling new rules for power plants and refineries, and implement more land-grabs that will lock up additional millions of acres and more billions of dollars of American energy.

Their goal is to end the hydrocarbon and nuclear era in America, and force us to convert to “renewable” energy. Beginning January 2, they plan to ignore clear voter mandates and consumer needs – and use regulations and executive edicts to slash carbon dioxide emissions, impose “clean energy standards,” halt onshore and offshore drilling, and hobble the vehicles, electrical generating plants and factories that are the backbone of our nation’s economy, jobs and living standards.

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