Obama Awards Committed Marxist, Snubs Solidarity Leader Lech Walesa

Posted by Brian
Unbelievable!  Barack Obama gives the nations highest award to committed Marxist and honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America. while telling Lech Walesa, the man who led the Solidarity movement for democratic change in Poland against the former Soviet Union, that he is not welcome. According to the White House" he is "too political". (see story below)
However, Dolores Huerta, who says that "Republicans are the enemy"(see video below), wants open borders, and is a committed communist, is acceptable to Obama.

But to his lemming-like followers, this is also NOT acceptable proof that Obama is a socialist.

Read here --> Obama Awards Medal of Freedom to Democratic Socialists of America Chair

Video: Dolores Huerta calls Republicans "the enemy"

Video: Dolores Huerta Promoting open borders and Hugo Chavez socialism to high school students
h/t Heritage Foundation's The Foundry

Click here--> President Obama Shuns Lech Walesa 

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  1. The tide of Zionist financial incentive must have risen high to have driven this rat from hiding, witness the deluge of publicity, from the same Zionist owned media machine that decries 911 truth, that accompanied his elevation from Zero to Hero!

    He was an electrician in a Polish shipyard, who received massive media attention, after he organized a strike on behalf of a list of grievances, against the Polish government of the day, then in the hands of a Zionist sponsored hireling!

    Who deserted his post in the military to dabble in politics, similarly at the behest of Zionist coin .. A Polish Jew was Pope, and Lech Walesa made political speeches under an icon of the Virgin Mary, while abortion decimated the Polish population over and again,

    And the Polish national resource became the property of foreigners - It appears to trouble Lech Walesa not, that the 911 attacks were the work of Jews, and unjust war has been sustained against everyone else, on behalf of the same Jews ever since!