Obama's Respect Among World Leaders Wanes, Has Become Laughingstock

Posted by Brian
Has Obama's Mojo Worn Thin With World Leaders?

Communist. Socialist. Democratic. Regardless of ideology, leaders of all countries respect one thing: strength.

The "honeymoon" is over for Obama with leaders around the world, and it is showing itself not only in their words, but in their body language toward the increasing perception of Barack Obama as "weak".
Witness the recent G-20 meeting with Russia's President Putin, where the animosity could be cut with a knife (video), and is reported to have lectured Obama of failed transitions around the world.  The same with Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu of Israel on one of his White House visits, where the Prime Minister also effectively lectured the U.S. President during a press conference, while Obama sat steely-eyed like a petulant child.
Then of course was the infamous meeting between Obama and Hugo Chavez where a smiling Chavez taunted a deer-in-the-headlights Obama, presenting the new President with a copy of his anti-American book, "The Open Veins of LatinAmerica", which Obama sheepishly accepted.  This just days before Chavez went on an anti-American screed at the UN, calling Obama "the Devil".
European leaders also no longer hold the words of U.S. leaders in high esteem, using Obama for quick photo ops, but generally ignoring this President and the White House's economic plans for getting Europe back on solid footing.
Obama has quickly become the laughing-stock of world leaders, who neither fear, nor respect him. For that reason, the voters must not reelect Obama in 2012.

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