Voter Fraud Alert: Madison WI Projected 119% Voter Turnout

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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker fought off opponents for his recall despite initial reports projecting119% turnout in liberal stronghold Madison. That percentage has since been revised down to about 96%, but that number is still unrealistically high.

Democrats have been screaming from the mountain tops that a nationwide push for voter I.D. laws across the country will "disenfranchise" minority voters and that incidences of voter fraud are exaggerated. How is it then, that in the lat several elections, we see hugely inflated turnouts in some liberal bastions, and that the dead and cartoon characters, and dictators show up in registrations and at the polls?

There is good evidence that that is exactly what happened in Minnesota in 2008 when Al Franken won by a mere 312 votes, but over 341 felons, who are ineligible to vote, nevertheless did.  This doesn't even count the ballots that were "found" days after the election, which in at least one case, inflated voter turnout the district to over 100%.

A person needs a photo I.D. to buy alcohol, get on a plane, use a credit card, and any number of other everyday mundane things.  But to Democrats and the Eric Holder Justice Department, requiring a photo I.D. to vote is to suppress the votes of minorities.

Eric Holder may be right about one thing:  it does suppress minority voting.  But the minorities are not blacks or Hispanics.  The minorities that he refers to are the statistically few, but numerous, corrupt individuals, who taint the integrity of our election process.  Holder, though, is not interested in maintaining the integrity of the process.  He is interested in the outcome, no matter in the means to get it were corrupt.

American's need to continue to push for voter I.D. laws to restore public confidence in the election process.


A Madison City Clerk has told a Wisconsin radio host that turnout for the area is expected at over 100%, up to 119%. What makes it all the more interesting is that this story comes from a far-left site.

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