Are Debbie "Downer's" Days As DNC Chairman Numbered?

Posted by Brian
It's hard to say whether I am happy or sad about this turn of events.  Wasserman-Schultz is a multiple winner of the "Idiot of the Day" Award for most asinine comments made by politicians, media, or celebrities.
On the one hand, having Wasserman-Schultz around is a goldmine of infuriating ignorance, race-baiting, and a continuous illustration of Democratic idiocy.
On the other hand, she is a poison in the well of civil debate of the issues, and may do the Democrats more harm than good.
One thing they can't label DWS is boring, which is why there is a part of me that will be sorry to see her go.

Posted on June 25, 2012 at 7:55am by Mike Opelka

There is considerable momentum building behind reports that DNC chair Debbie Wassermann Schultz will not be returning to her position atop the Democratic National Committee after the Fall election season. And it matters not if Obama wins or loses.
A bit of history on Ms. Wasserman Schultz’s 14 months leading the Democratic National Committee:
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