Sharpton: GOP Suppressed Wisconsin Recall Vote

Posted by Brian

“but resist we much… we must… and we will much… about… that… be committed.”
Al Sharpton  (Watch Below)

Bwahahahahaha! Oh that wacky Al Sharpton!

Speaking to his anemic radio audience, Al Sharpton insinuated that the Republicans stole the Wisconson election on Tuesday by outspending the Democrats, and (wait for it!) suppressing Democrat turnout(?)!

As I posted earlier this week, voter turnout in some Democrat strongholds was reported at over 90%, which not only doesn't sound like voter suppression, it reeks of voter fraud on a massive scale.  Not massive enough for Al Sharpton, of course.  Turnout need to be not 100%, but over 100%.  How else are they going to get candidates like Al Franken elected?

These guys are getting worried, which is going to make for a major effort by Democrats to artificially inflate turnout in November.

Sharpton's greatest T.V. moment:

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