Pat Caddell: WH National Security Advisor Donlon Likely Leaker Of Classified Information

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Caddell: What Will Obama "Not Do To Get Elected?!"

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Senate Intelligence Committee members furious
over alleged security leaks out of the White House
Pat Caddell says common sense says the leaker of classified information from the White House is National Security Advisor  Tom Donlon, whom Caddell, a Democrat, calls "a political hack" who was a delegate counter for Carter and Mondale.  He also says that Donlon is known around Washington as the "leaker-in-chief".
Caddell also slams Obama's denial that there are national security leaks coming out of the White House, and that those statements of denial are going to become a major election year issue.

Caddell's rant on Donlon starts at about the 8:40 mark of the interview.

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