Christian Group "Stoned" at Arab Festival Taunted Attendees with Pigs Head

This video has been going viral over the last few days.  It shows Arab youths pelting a group of Christian evangelists, whose sole offense appears to be that they are carrying signs with Christian messages and Scripture quotes..

Taken in that context, the pelting that these people take is enraging.  Even more so is the seeming lack of concern from the Dearborn police.

But there is something that this video, and much of the reporting on it, does not mention as the most likely culprit in the anger of this crowd.  What has not been mentioned, or shown, is that one of the members of this group showed up with a pigs head on the end of a stick  (there are glimpses of it at about the 4:34, 4:55, 8:54, 10:46, 11:00, 18:51 mark of the video), which I can only conclude was meant to taunt, or enflame the Muslims.

Look. I don't get the outright overreaction of Islamist Muslims to symbolism. The anger. The violence. As a Christian, I don't fly into a rage over every insult to my faith.  But, I also don't purposely go out and try to insult the religion, or beliefs of others, either.  I can reasonably assume that the person knew that this would be the reaction of some of the Muslims in this crowd, and once the yelling and violence began, started rolling tape.

I don't agree with the violence by the Muslims in the crowd, but I fail to see how a hogs head on a stick, at a Muslim festival, is "Christian outreach".  In my opinion, this group wanted to cause a scene, get it on video, and post it to YouTube for publicity.

It is quite possible that the crowd would have reacted to this group in exactly the same way even without the hogs head on a stick.  But, by having it, their credibility of purpose is now questionable, and groups out there like CAIR and others are going to point this out as proof of widespread Islamophobia.

"Christian" groups like this, and people like Terry Jones, cause more harm than good in the battle to point out the true dangers of Islamists and Sharia in America.


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