Cher Sees "White People", No Gays in Romney Crowds

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Cher Attacks Romney On Twitter

Screen Capture from my Twitter Timeline this morning.
Cher can "see" gay people?

I always love it when these Hollywood morons take to Twitter and other social media sites, to prove time and again that an actor/musician/celebrity are the last ones that American's should look to for reasoned, intelligent analysis of...um...pretty much anything!

Cher is apparently able to see not just white people in Mitt Romney's campaign backdrop, but her "gaydar" is also able to determine that there are no gays in the shots either, which is amazing, since it took Chastity Bono coming out to her and Sonny at age 18 to figure that one out.

As for too many whites for Romney - How about this photo of the staffers at his campaign headquarters:  Can you spot the LGBT person or even one black person?

Obama Staff - Chicago Headquarters
Not feeling the diversity here.

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