MSNBC's Karen Hunter: Did Mitt Say "This Time We'll Get It White?"

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Karen Hunter - Color blind pundit, Pulitzer prize winner and author of
"Why Black Men Love White Women".
Oh, those crazy MSNBC pundits.  "...Get it white".  That's first-class comedy material there. The laughter on the set was nearly uncontrollable. Nearly. Actually, there was silence, except for the host correcting her, saying "Get it right".  Her act obviously needs some honing.  Maybe she can go out on tour with Michael Richards, doing an SNL-like racial version of "point/counter-point".  But I digress.

This is what passes for witty repartee' and insightful analysis by the mainstream media today.  Claiming that there is not one 'person of color' in the ads, and that Mitt Romney must be running for President of Caucasia-stan, she says she was "disturbed by the lack of 'diversity'.  Never mind the fact that she is dead wrong - there are minorities in the ad - this is going to be a continuation of the Barack Obama reelection campaign meme - that Mitt Romney and Republicans are racists/bigots/homophobes, which the left-leaning media are only too happy to promote.

Of course, Karen Hunter is genetically incapable of being a racist. According to "authorities" like Al Sharpton, who claims that blacks can't be racist because they don't have any power!  So even though Ms. Walker looks at this ad with a racial filter, seeing things in black and white, and has as her sole purpose, getting a head count of minorities, she gets a pass on racism.  What the ad said was of no consequence to her.  The only thing that was important was the color of peoples' skin, and how many of them 'look like her'. That the message of the ad was all Americans can thrive and do better completely went by her.

To Hunter, and liberals like her, politicians need to "target" their messages to different groups.  Say this to blacks, say that to Hispanics. Tell the gay-rights groups what they want to hear.  Don't forget the Asian groups.  Break it down into different social classes.  Attack the so-called "rich" to appease those who make less.  Create racial and class envy.  Then go to those same "rich" people to raise money, and speak of the lower and middle classes as "bitterly clinging to their guns and religion", while giving those donors a wink and a nod, assuring them that you only said those things about them to shore up support from those hapless dupes in the heartland.   In other words, Balkanize your constituents. You never know when you may have to pit Americans against one another somewhere down the road.

In my opinion, Karen Hunter and others like her, are the worst kind of racists.  They are more subtle in their racism than the stereotypical sheet-wearing ones, but no less racist.  They too, see their world through skin color, sexual preference, income level,  religion, et.al.  Maybe the reason that she didn't see the other "persons of color" in the video was because she didn't see them as black, hispanic, etc.  After all, blacks who are Republicans or conservative are not "real blacks".  They are "sell outs", "Uncle Toms", or worse, so they didn't really count.
MLK's dream of a color blind society is still alive and well, but it is in the Conservative movement, not in Karen Hunter's, or the lefts' color-obsessed ideology.


Posted on May 31, 2012 at 9:02pm by Mytheos Holt

Now that the general election for the Presidency is officially underway, the time for polite distance between Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican Nominee Mitt Romney has ended entirely. And given that the President’s followers appear to have marching orders to cast race-based aspersions on as much criticism of him as possible, that naturally means that Mitt Romney’s first web ad (embedded below) was going to be the first target:
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