Why Paul Krugman Is NOT To Be Taken Seriously

Mr. Wigglesworth says we need to spend one TRILLION dollars!
Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman illustrates for us every time that he opens his mouth why the Nobel Prize for almost anything has become a giant joke.
In his latest foray into irrelevance, Krugman says that the over $500 million dollars of taxpayer money given to Solyndra by the Obama Administration, is but a "tiny misstep" and that everybody should quit ganging up on the President.
Yeah, it's a small amount comparative to the nearly $6 trillion of taxpayer money this administration has squandered.  But it's these "tiny missteps" that add up to the out of control spending we now have.  And Krugman says our problem is that the government hasn't spent enough!!  Oh yeah, and it's the Republican's fault, apparently forgetting that the Democrats held both the House and the Senate for the last two years of the Bush Presidency, and held the House, the Senate, AND the Oval Office in Obama's first two years.  But it's the Republicans' fault.
This is why we should not take this buffoon seriously.

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