Time Magazine Cover Shows 35 Illegal Aliens Claiming "We Are Americans"

Posted by Brian
Time Magazine has injected illegal immigration into the 2012 campaign with it latest issue, showing 35 illegal aliens with the headline: ""We Are Americans*" "*Just not legally""
This is simply one more attempt to paint all illegal immigrants as persons who are just hard-working persons looking to make a better life for themselves, and become a part of the melting pot that is America.  For many this is true.  For many others though, this is not the case.  Many come here seasonally with no intention of becoming American, working for months, and then taking themselves and U.S. dollars back with them.  Others are criminals in gangs or the drug trade, bringing their criminal activities and violence with them.  Many of these illegals stay, but have no intention of becoming Americans. Yet others are terrorists, taking advantage of weak border enforcement to slip into our country, waiting on orders to carry out jihad sometime in the future.
Jose Vargas and the others on the cover of Time may truly want to become part of this great experiment we call America.  But the simple fact is that their first act in coming to our country was to break the law, and for that they should not be rewarded, but should pay a penalty prior to any consideration of being allowed to start the citizenship process, which should start at the back of the line.

by Jason Howerton

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas made headlines last year when he came out and publicly revealed himself to be an illegal alien living and working in the United States.

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He has not been contacted by the government since making the announcement, which he argues was intended to make the point that illegal immigration is not being addressed.
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