Pelosi: Reason Dems Lost - "It's Bush's Fault"

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Nanvy Pelosi is Unhinged

Nancy Pelosi has officially gone into the mental abyss.  The drubbing of the Democrats on Nov. 2, according to her,was due to the Bush policies which led to the current 9.8% unemployment rate. This woman either thinks that the American people are that stupid, or the Botox injections have cut off the flow of blood to her gray matter and left her a complete vegetable.  Yesterday she was making the completely asinine statement that the Democrats had been dedicated to controlling spending under her leadership(?), while the numbers show that the debt increased $5.2 Trillion under her reign. Now she has the audacity to claim the the electoral landslide is Bush's fault?
When Nancy Pelosi took over as Speaker of the House in January 2007, the unemployment rate stood at 4.6%. When Barack Obama took office, unemployment had risen to 7.7%.  It now stands at 9.4%, down from 9.8% in November, certainly due to part-time hiring by retail for the holidays. How about spending? When Nancy Pelosi was sworn in as Speaker, the National debt was just under $500 Billion and the deficit was around $200 Billion.  Remember, it's Congress who writes the budget, By 2008, after only one year, the debt was over a $1 Trillion and the deficit was around $450 Billion.  2009 was worse: Debt over $1.8 Trillion and Deficit over $1.6 Trillion.  These figures don't even include Social Security payroll taxes, benefit payments, and net balance of the Postal service which are considered "off budget".  The actual debt in the four years that Nancy Pelosi was Speaker increased from $8.67 Trillion to over $14 Trillion on the day the new Speaker was sworn in. An increase of over 60%.
What Nancy Pelosi and the 111th Congress did to our economy and the People of this Country wasn't just negligent, it was criminal.
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