VIDEO: Former Soviet Citizen Destroys OWS Member's Notions of Utopia, and of Israeli Aggression

Posted by Brian
H/T Breitbart

This is how we win over (some of) the youth!

A member of OWS comes up to two old men, both from the former Soviet Union, and hands them a paper, which he calls "The Occupy Wall Street Journal". One of the gentlemen engages the younger man in a conversation. Using logic, common sense, and facts, this former citizen of the citizen of the Soviet Union, Mr. Vladamir Jaffe,  gives the young OWS skullfull of mush a history lesson on capitalism vs. socialism, liberty vs. tyranny, and explodes this young man's wrong preconceptions of Israel's "aggression" towards its Arab neighbors. The young man eventually moves on, but with a lot more to think about, and hopefully a better appreciation for Israel's right to defend itself, as well as more appreciation for his own country.

There are probably countless others like this young man in the Occupy movement who's minds have been cluttered with Marxist clap-trap. They aren't yet fully committed Marxists', but "feel" that they want to be part of something that is "making a difference".  But the are blind to the fact that they are part of a movement that would ultimately keep them subservient to the government, and that they have gotten in bed with the devil.  These are the one we have to reach.

Props to the OWS guy, who was respectful and attentive to Mr. Jaffe's well thought out arguments.

Well worth the 15 minutes to watch.

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