Al Gore's Head Explodes! Climate Models Are WRONG!!

Posted by Brian
Perhaps this explains his recent angry meltdown at the Aspen Institute (Audio here).

The wheels are coming off of the climate change cart for all of the no-growth, flat-earth, Marxists. King Al has no clothes, and everybody is starting to notice it. (Sorry for the visual)

NASA Says Computer Models Wrong About Climate Change
Allan Ramsay, Yahoo! Contributor Network

Computer software models running on super computers are the basis for estimates of humankind's contribution to global warming and climate change. This week NASA announced new evidence, with data gathered by the Terra Earth-orbiting satellite, that these models and the global warming forecasts they make are wrong. The projections vastly overestimate the impact of humanity's carbon footprint and its effect on climate. 

NASA's Terra satellite, which has been observing Earth since its launch in December 1999, monitors the heat transferred from our atmosphere into space, as well as the heat delivered into the atmosphere by the sun's energy. Dr. Roy Spencer, principal research scientist in the Earth System Science Center at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, and Dr. Danny Braswell studied how the atmosphere actually behaved over the last decade as various climate-warming episodes came and went. They published their findings this week in Remote Sensing, a peer-reviewed journal.
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