Will Smith Get Hit With Dose Of Reality on "Sticking it To The Rich"

Will Smith, appearing on French television, got hit smack in the nose with a dose of redistributional socialist reality when discussing progressive tax rates.

When questioned about Obama's proposal enact 30% rates for the "rich" on income above $1 million ( Obama actually proposes 39%, but who's counting), Smith spoke of how lucky he has been, and that he is willing to pay more to help his country.
When the interviewer tells Smith that the new President of France is proposing to enact a 75% tax on income over $1 million euros, Smith is visibly shocked (at approx. 1:20 mark of video).  Saying, "that's different" and  "God Bless America", it appears that Smith is not so comfortable with himself having to pay that much.

News flash for Will Smith: if Obama and the leftists get their way, 39% is only a warm-up for what is to come. Prior to JFK, the rate on the upper income earners was nearly 80%. The leftists would absolutely love to see that rate again.
Reality is a harsh mistress, isn't it Mr. Smith?

Transcript :

- Laurent Delahousse (french speaker): Well you know in France we have changed the president
We have talked a lot about taxation..
and in US, there is a topical subject : Barack Obama proposed to tax 30% beyond $ 1 million
Do you find that to be normal ?

- Will Smith : Well, I have no issue to pay tax to help my countrie to return to growth.
I'm certain that if I'm here, as a black, without university studies, and I go around the wordl selling my movies
I am convinced that this (USA) is the only place on Earth where I could do it.
So me, if I have to pay tax, it's not a problem.

LD : You know that in France this question was in the heart of the campaign
Do you know how much you would have to pay tax beyond 1 million euros ?
Not 30% ... 75%

- WS : 75 ??!? Well yes, that's different... 75..well, you know : God Bless America..Hahaha..

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