Jerry Brown Appoints Muslim Judge As Part Of "Diversity" Pledge

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California Governor Jerry Brown
Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown is at at again.  As part of his campaign pledge to "diversify" the bench, Brown has appointed a woman , a Latino, and a Muslim to Superior and Appeal Court judgeships.

The problem that I have with these appointments are not that they are diverse.  It is because they were  chosen to show diversity!  A person picked for any job should be chosen for their qualifications, not to show how diverse we are. This is especially true when you are choosing someone who has such influence over the people of a state or nation, as in the case of the Appeals Court.  Those individuals should be chosen on their qualifications only, and for no other reason.  But for career politicians like Jerry Brown, whom California voters gave a second shot at destroying a once-great state, whoring himself out to special interest and minority groups takes precedence over choosing not only qualified individuals, but the most qualified individuals.  Those who will make decisions based only on the law and the Constitution.  Those who won't look to foreign precedent or who want to "level the playing field', as they see it.

Politicians like Jerry Brown are a cancer in this country. He's a politician's politician. He makes decisions based, not on what is best, but on what is politically expedient, and which will help him hold on to power.  Because that is really the bottom line with most politicians.  Power is their crack.

Few and far between are the Scott Walker's and Allen West's, who actually lead.  They are those who make decisions based on what they believe is best, and not that which is politically popular or expedient.  Say what you will about Scott Walker, but he could have saved himself a lot of grief if he had gone the "play along to get along" route.  But he made a decision, which he thought was best for the people of Wisconsin, which brought on the hell fires of the public unions, and is now facing a recall election. Jerry Brown does not have the courage, or the intestinal fortitude, of a Scott Walker to ever make a decision which might be politically unpopular.

A prime example of how gutless this little weasel is is his "plan to raise taxes.  No, neither he, nor the California Legislature, will do it.  He has a proposal on the November ballot, which will be followed by an obscene amount of money thrown at it by unions and liberal groups, to "educate" the voters.  The same voters, whom in the past have proven that far too many times they were less than fluent on the ballot measures they voted for.  In this way Brown, and the overwhelmingly Democrat legislature, can avoid any and all personal responsibility for the wreckage that will be done to what's left of California's economy.

Californian's need to hold onto their wallets.  This is going to cost a lot more than the Medfly infestation that tanked the Golden State's agricultural industry Brown's first time through.

Diverse appointments to superior, appeals courts

Bob Egelko  Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gov. Jerry Brown appointed a former State Bar leader to a judgeship in Contra Costa County on Friday. He also nominated a former San Francisco school board attorney as the first Latino on the state appeals court in San Jose, and chose a Los Angeles prosecutor as California's first Muslim judge.
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