'Little Napoleon' Bloomberg Banning Large Sodas

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Kiss Your Starbuck's Venti Latte' Goodbye

New York City Mayor Michael 'Bloomturd' is at it again, deciding for citizens of the Big Apple what is appropriate, in his view, what is acceptable to consume.

His latest push is to "ban" all sugary drinks over 16 ounces, reportedly in an effort to fight obesity. This mayor has a 'Napoleon complex' the size of the city he presides over, yet these dupes keep reelecting this  idiot.  I could say, "Good for them, They get what they deserve!", but unfortunately, as with the other liberal Mecca called California, these intrusions into personal responsibility and individual freedom end up being enacted in other places all over the country.

It's not just Bloomberg who is a intrusive busy-body with regards to what food or drinks individual Americans partake of.  It's leftist's in general.  The Center for Science in the Public Interest got this nanny-state crap going back in the 1990's with their attack on coconut oil being used in movie theatre popcorn, claiming it was causing obesity, which was ridiculous. But theatre chain owners capitulated, and pulled the offending oil from the theaters.  Movie popcorn has never tasted the same since.

Of course this didn't assuage the leftist busybodies, it only emboldened them.  All foods that these pasty-skinned, metrosexual, vegan, panty-waists don't like are now in the crosshairs. Salt, trans-fats, sugar, coconut oil, Mexican food, Olestra, French food, red meat, portion sizes in restaurants - all of these, and more, have been or will be, targets of these food nazis.

Meanwhile, there are people walking around, perfectly fine with a single man telling them what they, and millions of their fellow Americans, can and cannot eat or drink.

This isn't just about sugar or obesity.  It is about freedom.  Freedom to make your own choices.  Freedom to govern yourself.  This is the tyranny of an out of control bureaucracy.  When a government can tell you what you can, and cannot, eat or drink, then what are the limits to what they can't do?  They now have the power to regulate every aspect of your life, including your diet.  Yet, people are willingly turning over their freedom to a few elitist ass hats like Michael Bloomturd because they feel that people should eat healthier.  Maybe so, but that is their responsibility, and it should not be turned over to any Michael Bloomberg, Michelle Obama, or anybody else.

Leftists love to talk of a "woman's right to own her own body" when it come to abortion.  Apparently that is not the case when it comes to food or drink.  For women. or anyone else. Not where leftists are concerned.  This exposes the entire house of cards on which liberalism is based.  Just as abortion is NOT about a woman's right to choose (it is about killing babies, and primarily minority babies), banning sugary drinks is not about obesity.  It is about power. It is about control.  It is about government inserting itself into more and more of every single aspect of your life.

And the "Little Napoleon" Michael Bloomberg is going to throw around all 5'6'' of his scrawny, elitist ass to ensure that we all do as he decrees.

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