Pelosi Supports WH Position Of Ordering Military Chaplains To Act Against Their Faith

Posted by Brian

Pelosi lies when she says that military chaplains will not be required to perform same-sex marriages, even if it violates their moral and religious beliefs.  Since same-sex marriages have already been already been given the green light by the Pentagon to be performed in chapels on military bases,  that is exactly what they will be asked to do, and without protection allowing them to not violate their conscience, they would have little recourse, other than face disciplinary hearings or resigning their commissions.

Queen "Bela" Pelosi has been around the block in Washington more than a few times, and is well aware of how it works.  She is correct in saying that the bill, without the provision, doesn't "order" the chaplains to perform same-sex marriages.  It doesn't have to, and she knows it.

Pelosi, who claims to be Catholic, certainly goes out of her way to support positions and legislation which undermine the very Church she purports to believe.  She has even attacked the Bishop's of the Catholic Church, calling them "lobbyists", due to their opposition to Catholic institutions being required to provide contraception and abortifacients.

Her truth is, she expects people to just believe the crap that falls out of her wrinkled up pie-hole. We're not buying her snake-oil anymore though, unlike the brain-dead miscreants up in San Francisco who keep sending this lying, used-up old hosebag back to Congress.

Pelosi: No to Provision Protecting Chaplains From Being Ordered to Act Against Faith: 'It's A Fraud'
By Elizabeth Harrington May 17, 2012

(CNSNews.com) – House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she stands with the White House in opposing a provision in the House defense authorization bill that would prohibit anyone in the military from ordering a chaplain to act against his or her "conscience, moral principles, or religious beliefs" or against the religious beliefs of the denomination to which he or she belongs.
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