Hustler Virtually Rapes Conservative Female Columnist S.E.Cupp

Posted by Brian
S.E. Cupp
It is hard to fathom how ANYONE could find this as parody.  Hustler Magazine, which has built an empire on tasteless pornographic images and "social commentary", has published a doctored photo of conservative columnist and pundit S.E. Cupp in it's latest issue, which makes it appear the she has a phallus in her mouth.

The left talks about a conservative "war on women", but most of the most vile imagery and misogynistic comments come from those on the far left.  Rush Limbaugh was vilified for his comments about Georgetown law student  Sandra Fluke, in which he called her a "slut", for her testimony to Congress that birth control costs women $3000 for their time in law school., which works out to having sex over 5 times a day, seven days a week for their entire time in law school.  Rush's use of the word slut was certainly not advisable, but taken in context with the math, I understood his larger point, which was that her claims were outrageous (as well as made up).
Contrast this to what Hustler has done, which is to take a photo of Miss Cupp, and photoshop it to make it appear that she is performing a sexual act.  Below the photo is a "disclaimer" that the photo is not real, which may, or may not, give them legal cover. Regardless, this type of crap is, in my opinion, NOT parody, NOT funny, but IS misogynistic.
If this trash were done to, say Maureen Dowd or Rachel Maddow, the leftist media's collective heads would explode! As of yet (10:10AM PST), I have seen little of this reported by the media. In fact, I have found only seven stories about this online (see screen capture below), one by The Blaze (whom S.E. Cupp is employed by), and six other conservative news/blog sites.  Not one story from the mainstream media!

Though it is early in the day, it will be interesting to see how liberals on the morning talk shows, liberal female pundits, and the likes of Joy Behar weigh in on this.  Also telling will be, and I'm sure they're working on it right now, the blistering statement condemning this photo from the N.O.W. gang and how this is more evidence of the "war on women". I won't hold my breath, but I'm sure it's coming.

Ms. Cupp, who has handled this whole thing with grace and dignity, even gives "Hustler" credit for having the guts to at least admit that, when it comes to conservative women, misogyny is okay.  Keith Olbermann has been almost a poster child for misogynistic comments about conservative women (S.E. Cupp, Michelle Malkin), but has been mostly unscathed from rebuke. Bill Maher, likewise, has been mostly immune, save for when he was pulled into the Limbaugh controversy by the conservative blogosphere, who pointed out not only the hypocrisy of the media regarding Limbaugh, but that Maher had made much more incendiary and misogynistic comments against women, with virtually no blow back.  The same can be said of many others on the left, who may get their hand slapped, but don't face boycotts to have their shows removed .  This is reserved for conservative pundits.

Come on liberal media. Prove me wrong.  My guess is that they will give this a tepid response, lightly condemning it with a slight smirk, while defending it as free speech, and as a 'public person' she has to "expect" this type of thing, and should have thicker skin. None of the hysteria and manufactured outrage, while twisting themselves into knots about the breakdown of civility, and the dehumanizing and objectification of women.

The infuriating thing is, is that this incident actually does call for outrage.  It actually does dehumanize and objectify a woman.  And it does it in the worst possible way.


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