Media Double-Standard On Wealth

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Media Attack Attack Ann Romney's $1K Blouse, Fawn Over Michelle O's Designer Collection

When it comes to conservative candidates and their wives, the media are absolutely obsessed with how much they spend on clothing. So much so that, as journalists, it is their sacred duty to inform the public of how out-of-touch these conservative women with hard-working average women across the country.

Isn't it a slap in the face to all of those soccer mom's out there that Ann Romney would have the gall to wear a one thousand dollar top from Saks?  Who can forget the $150K shopping spree that Sarah Palin went on when she was named as John McCain's VP running mate? The East coast liberal elite and media had a field day with that one.  The media presentation was of some backwoods hick who had hit the lottery, and she was just trailer park trash who was playing dress up.  Remember the Obama joke, "you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig"?  This is how the President and the misogynistic left look at women, not just Sarah Palin. The fact that Palin didn't buy the outfits, but the fact is that they were purchased by the RNC was immaterial. The template was set.

And so it is with Mitt and Ann Romney.  The media, taking their cue from the White House, are obsessed with the Romneys' wealth.  And of course Romney, the evil bastard, got his money by being a cruel heartless SOB, buying up companies, shutting them down, and walking away with a nice payoff. The truth is that many of the companies that Bain Capital bought were companies already in financial distress.  Bain capital was able to right some of these companies, while others were liquidated to minimize losses to investors. Yes, some people got hurt, but others are working who otherwise would have been on the unemployment rolls if not for companies like Bain.

Contrast this with how the media treat wealth designer couture of Democrats and liberals.  Michelle Obama walks out in a $2,000 designer jacket, and the story is how well she is able to carry it.  In fact, the media talk of how it benefits the designers! There is little to no curiosity from the media as to how the Obama's acquired $12 million in assets purely on comfortable six-figure salaries, including a shady land deal, which involved potential tax fraud, with convicted felon Tony Rezco.  Even figuring in two autobiography's by the time he was forty (no narcissism there), the numbers don't add up.

In fact, the media are incurious of the wealth of Joe Biden (millionaire), or of John Kerry when he ran for President (richest man in the Senate), Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, or name-a-Democrat. The fact, is that seven of the top 10 wealthiest members of Congress are Democrats.  Personally, It is of no matter to me that these people are wealthy. God bless them, as long as their wealth has been acquired through legitimate means. But wouldn't it seem that the media would be somewhat curious of this, what with all the talk of 'insider trading' in the stock market by members of Congress based on legislation which affects certain industries? Yet they are deafeningly silent.

In Obamatopia, only the wealth of conservatives, and how it was acquired, must be investigated, don't ya' know?


Politico hasn't cared about the cost of First Lady Michelle Obama's wardrobe for the past three-and-a-half years but now their sartorial interest is piqued due to Ann Romney's entry into the presidential arena. Earlier this afternoon Politico devoted an entire page to Ann Romney's blouse. 

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