Allen West: "You Don't Win On Defense. You Win On Offense"

Allen West Gives The Blueprint for A Winning Speech and Message.

Take note Romney!

Congressman Allen West speaks to the BREC (Broward Republican Executive Committee) at the Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty-Six Fort Lauderdale, FL

No notes. No teleprompter. Clear, concise, humorous, factual, and uplifting. Allen West speaks with authority, not only because he is a great speaker, but because he is speaking from the heart. It is from his soul.  He does not have to search in vain for the right words, because these are his core values. They are not poll-tested.  He doesn't have to remember a catchy slogan given to him from a consultant or pollster.

Contrast this with the Obama, who when he is without notes or teleprompter, stutters and stammers his way through.  His delivery is stilted, with pauses, stutters, and uneasiness.  He is delivering speeches which change, based on which group he speaks to, and in which his message may contradict previous statements.  When Obama goes off teleprompter, he stumbles because he can't tell people what his real message and beliefs are.  If he did, he would be sunk.  He knows it, and the Marxists and socialists around him know it.  He stumbles because he is speaking the words of a poll-tested focus group, not what is in his heart.  When he is off-prompter, it shows.

The contrast is stark.

Bonus! From Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle of PJTV. If you have a few minutes, the Ad at the beginning of the video is excellent as well.


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