Ft. Hood Bomber: Jihad Was "The Reason" and "No Other Reason"

Posted by Brian

Would-be second Fort Hood jihad mass murderer says Islam was motive for his plot 

Uh oh. How dreadfully inconvenient for the "Islamophobia" spin machine that claims that only greasy Islamophobes link Islam to terror and mass murder. But they will ignore this, and the mainstream media and law enforcement will happily play along instead of doing what they should be doing: asking "moderate" Muslim leaders in the U.S. what they're doing about this, and what programs they've instituted in mosques and madrassas in this country to teach against the Islamic beliefs that give rise to the idea that Islam calls for murder of unbelievers. If government and law enforcement officials were worth their salt, they'd be acting upon this information in a proper manner, no matter what dissembling and denial the Muslim community in the U.S. engages in. But they aren't.
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