Al Qaeda Airlines: On-Line Jihadi Guide For Terror Operations

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H/T To MEMRI and Act For America Houston

The Middle East Media Research Institute is reporting that jihadists, through online forums, have now published to magazines which are virtual how-to guides for waging jihad.

The publication, called "Al Qaeda Airlines", with contributions from a known expert on explosives, Dhu Al-Bajadin, is an off-shoot of on-line jihadi forums where radical islamists gather to post and discuss information military tactics and technical topics

Chloroform Lab
The initial issue is devoted to chloroform, how to obtain it from veterinary clinics, hospitals, and labs.  It also discusses how to manufacture chloroform in a home lab if the jihadi is unable to obtain it from these places. The instructions are extremely detailed,  including safe ways to test the finished product using frogs or rabbits.

In addition, the first issue of the magazine discussed how to use the chemical in jihadi operations.

Issue two of Al Qaeda Airlines analyzes ten different terror bombing attacks, both those that were successful and those that weren't.  The MEMRI report says that Dhu Al-Bajadin wanted to use these examples to show a new generation of jihadists which attacks worked, which didn't, and what mistakes were made.  He goes into extreme detail, even down to the type of explosives used in the successful and failed attacks.
Photo from How to make Pentaerythritol trinitrate (PETN)
President Obama said that the "War on Terror is over".  Apparently, the radical islamists didn't get the memo.

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