California Voters Are Schizophrenic

Really?  Are these the same voters, who voted in the same people, who have been screwing up the state for the last 40 years?  They may trust themselves more, but California should do away with Propositions on the ballots.  The vast majority of people I talk to when these different propositions come up have absolutely no idea - zip, zero nada - of what the are voting for or against.  High speed rail?  No infrastructure in place, or adequate population density, in the areas it will run through, but we're getting it!  At a cost of hundreds of billions.  Global warming, job-killing taxes and regulations? Yeah, we voted for that too.  Apparently, 12%-plus unemployment wasn't enough.  Heard the saying that "some people are too stupid to vote"/  California is living proof.  - Brian

Poll finds California voters trust themselves more than legislators

Two-thirds of those polled lack confidence in elected officials. Ballot initiatives split along partisan lines, but responses on pot legalization and global warming regulation offer some surprises.

After an election year shaped by anxiety about the economy and frustration with gridlock in Sacramento, a new survey by the Public Policy Institute of California has found that most state voters have little confidence in the ability of their elected leaders to work together.

In a sobering set of findings in the institute's post-election survey, voters expressed more faith in their peers to decide public policy matters than in their representatives.
Only 33% of California voters said they had "a great deal" or "a fair amount" of trust and confidence in the ability of the state's elected officials to craft public policy. By contrast — even though they described the ballot initiatives as confusing — 44% said they trusted fellow voters to make policy decisions at the polls.
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