Ethics Committee To Dodd: "Never Mind."

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One more example of the cronyism in our nation's capital.  The cesspool we call Congress will continue to look the other way on illegal behaviour from its members, both Democrat and Republican, until (or unless) our citizens "clean house" at the ballot box.  While the recent election was a start, the reality is that most of the same faces are still there (Reid, Pelosi, Boxer, Graham, McCain, etc...). Change of the status quo will, in my opinion, take at least a decade. - Brian

Senate Ethics Committee dismisses Dodd complaint
By AP Published: 12:15 PM 12/30/2010 Updated: 2:05 PM 12/30/2010

HARTFORD, Conn. — The U.S. Senate Ethics Committee has dismissed a complaint alleging that Sen. Christopher Dodd obtained a cottage in Ireland at a low price as an improper gift from a businessman.


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