Spanish Police Investigate Teacher For Saying "Ham" In Front Of Muslim Student

Spain: Muslim family denounces teacher for talking about ham in class
h/t Jihad Watch

Here is my rough translation of a Spanish-language article about a manifestation of Islamic supremacism so outrageous that it is hard not to wonder whether or not it is a parody. But it doesn't seem to be one. "Una familia musulmana denuncia a un docente por hablar de jamones en clase," from Diario de Jerez, December 18 (thanks to Eloy):

A teacher at Menéndez Tolosa institute has been denounced by a Muslim family from La Línea because their son, a student in the first year of high school, felt offended during the course of a geography lesson, institute sources informed this newspaper.

This paper has learned that the teacher was lecturing normally on the different climates of the planet and used the Granada town of Trevélez as an example of a cold, dry climate. As an anecdote, the teacher recounted that just such a climate was conducive to the curing of hams. Then the student asked the teacher not to speak of hams since the subject offended him as a Muslim.

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