NOW: Hooters are Not For Children

The National Organization of Women, which advocates for the death of millions of children through unrestricted abortions, has brought suit against the Hooters food chain for being unsuitable for children.  - Brian
NOW says Hooters is inappropriate for kids
By Laura Donovan - The Daily Caller
Published: 2:21 AM 12/20/2010
Updated: 3:42 PM 12/20/2010

The National Organization for Women has filed a complaint against Hooters for being an improper dining venue for minors.

A California chapter of NOW argues that Hooters is unsuitable for kids and violates sexual entertainment law regulations, and therefore no one under 18 should be allowed inside select California venues.

“They also display and sell products of prurient nature, including T-shirts in child sizes with statements such as ‘Future Hooters Girl,’” the NOW complaint reads.

Hooters For New Year's

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