Conservatism's Quick Revival

The Key Role Of Limbaugh And Levin

by Tony Lee
12/20/2010  h/t Human Events

As the midterm elections and the lame-duck session of Congress clearly demonstrated, conservatives and conservatism are on the ascendancy.

Conventional wisdom after the historic election of President Barack Obama, though, hardly predicted such a quick revival. Liberal strategists were proclaiming 40 years of liberal dominance and many on the right were afraid to attack Obama, even his most liberal-leaning policies and pronouncements, for fear they would be called "racist."

Many figures -- ranging from Glenn Beck to Sarah Palin to Rick Santelli to the myriad of Tea Party organizers -- have been given credit for contributing to conservatism's quick revival.

None of these figures, though, would have been as successful as they were without the groundwork laid by two old conservative bulls -- Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin -- when conservatism seemed to be at its nadir.
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