SI Confirms: Limbaugh Was Right About McNabb All Along

There's no better place to be sports fan right now than Philadelphia

There were 50 thoughts running through my mind as I watched DeSean Jackson's game-winning punt return Sunday, which put me 50 thoughts ahead of Giants punter Matt Dodge. But in the end, I was left with this: There is no better place to be a sports fan right now than Philadelphia.

The Phillies are coming off their fourth straight postseason appearance and are the surest bet in baseball to make the playoffs next year. The Flyers just made the Stanley Cup finals and have the best record in the NHL. The Eagles are the most exciting team in the NFC, and maybe the best -- they seem destined for an NFC title-game matchup with Michael Vick's old team, the Falcons. (The 76ers? Well, they're struggling, but hey, a lockout is coming!)

The original broadcast which got Limbaugh fired. 

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